Conference Sponsors

The scientific and local organizing committee would like to thanks the following organizations  for financial support.

The session „Bridging Across Levels of Analysis to Advance Neurotoxic Risk Determination: Toxicology for the Second Fifth of the 21stCentury“ is financially supported by CAAT Europe. Thanks for making this scientific session possible!

The Society of Toxicology supports INA-17 with an amount of $2.000. Thanks for helping us!

Neucyte, we greatly appreciate your sponsorship. Thanks for helping us!

cefic, the European Chemical Industry Council, supports INA-17 as a sponsor. Thanks for helping us!

We are happy to announce that Multi Channel Systems will sponsor INA-17. Thanks for helping us!

Elixirgen Scientific, providing induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) derived neurons, supports INA-17 as a generous sponsor. Thanks for helping us! Your support is greatly appreciate and all participants will find the Book of Abstracts on Elixirgen USB sticks.